When the community learned of the EON agreement, some were skeptical. They couldn’t understand the potential and importance of this school.


Councilman Stan Smith, Councilmen Dotson, and EON Reality President & CEO, Mats Johansson (Photo Courtesy of Scott Hansen, the Suburban Newspaper)

You need only look at Microsoft’s announcement of their HoloLens glasses to see how this poises Duncanville to be on the cutting edge of this emergent technology. The newly released iWatch from Apple shows there is a strong market for wearable devices. Such devices as HoloLens and Oculus Rift are the next generation of wearable tech that will change how we interact with each other and our surroundings. These devices will soon make our smart phones look as primitive as 80s cell technology looks to us today.

Bringing EON Reality to Duncanville, is a wise move, in my opinion, and if we play our cards right, Duncanville can become a major hub for future VR technology and training. This opening day is just the beginning of what could possibly be a watershed day in Duncanville.

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