IRVINE, Calif., February 6, 2012 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced the installation of an immersive reconfigurable Virtual Reality environment, the EON Icube, at Miami University in Ohio. The EON Icube is the centerpiece of the Smale Interactive Visualization Center and will be used to support faculty research from a variety of disciplines and to prepare students for 21st century jobs that require computer simulation, data visualization, motion capture, and virtual training.  The EON Icube is used primarily by students in the Armstrong Institute of Interactive Media Studies (AIMS), but is available to students and faculty from any department or program at Miami.

EON Icube is a complete turnkey visualization and virtual reality system offered in standard configuration with 4 walls for full immersion and reconfigurable from U-shape to power wall. It provides a high quality of graphics system, built on PC cluster technology, providing unsurpassed immersion, especially when used with motion tracking and VR interactive devices.

EON Icube has the ability to rapidly deploy 3D interactive virtual simulations using a series of built-in classes of objects, drivers and a large library of 3D models, textures, and easy to use built-in functionalities. The system will also be used for remote immersive collaboration by adding the EON Coliseum software allowing for connecting multiple Icubes remotely over a network.

Through the AIMS program, Miami University also offers classes in 3D content generation and in EON software development. The students are learning EON Ultra, a tool for finalizing and visualizing 3D content and displaying it through various media. It provides real-time feedback on adjustment of lights, materials and shaders, by displaying the image constantly as it will appear in final frame. By using drag and drop graphical user interface with simple sliders, the user sets up the lights, adds textures, shaders, global illumination, ambient occlusion, etc., and is able to see the results instantly.  Even very complex models above one million polygons can render above 20 Hz.  Examples of AIMS student work are posted at the SIVC website at

“EON’s software has been very approachable for students who may not have a background in computer graphics, animation, or programming,” said Eric Hodgson, Director of the Smale Interactive Visualization Center, Miami University.  “Its drag-and-drop interface allows students to start producing functional simulations very quickly, without a steep learning curve.  From a teaching perspective, this allows us to focus on content, design principles, and usability rather than on technical issues and code syntax.”

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