IRVINE, Calif., January 5, 2010 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced that the Visual Psychophysics and Perception Laboratoryat the University of Montreal expands their treatment capacity with a fully immersive environment from EON Reality. A new simulations system for rehabilitation and training of athletic performance, developed by Professor Jocelyn Faubert’s team will be immersed within the EON ICube, a technology that allows virtual training in a natural and realistic environment.

Dr. Jocelyn Faubert is an internationally renowned expert in respect to visual perception and virtual reality who has successfully conducted research and treatment within virtual environments. Technologies created in Dr. Faubert’s lab include advanced tools to detect and measure various conditions such as learning disabilities in school-aged children, and measurement and treatment of concussions and conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Professor Jocelyn Faubert; Immersive training simulations for improvement of perceptual and cognitive ability at the University of Montreal

Professor Jocelyn Faubert; Immersive training simulations for improvement of perceptual and cognitive ability at the University of Montreal

Among the most anticipated products developed in Professor Faubert’s lab is a portable sports simulator, a device used for rehabilitation and enhancement of athletic performance. Using a simulation movement plate and tracking systems to measure body movements, the team can test performance that make means in sports training, such as cognitive ability and integration. Through a simulation program, participants are given multiple sources of information to test and train their ability to manage information and make rapid decisions. View video: Athlete brain training: Enhance sports performance with virtual reality program 

“Sharp reflexes and the ability to anticipate the moves and the gestures of fellow players are superior strengths in sports performance,” Dr. Faubert stated. “Immersive systems such as the Icube technology from EON Reality support the natural training environment needed to get a realistic performance and allows us to evaluate capacities for improvement of perceptive and cognitive ability.”

Perception training has proven to be a tool that helps athletes to improve their game and reaction and the capacity to absorb and process infield information. An athletic club who is looking to give their team an edge over their competitors is Manchester United. The football club will use 3D Multiple Object Tracking technology from Faubert’s Lab to aid their athletes’ visual perception and improve the overall team performance.

About Visual Psychophysics and Perception Laboratory
Jocelyn Faubert is a Professor at École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal and the Head of the Chaire CRSNG-Essilor on Visual Function. He is internationally renowned expert on issues concerning visual perception, vision of the elderly, and neuropsychology. Dr. Faubert directs the work of ten master and doctoral students as well as a team of researchers and post-doctoral fellows in his psychophysical and visual perception laboratory. He graduated in visual psychophysics and experimental neuropsychology from Concordia University. He also completed post-doctoral studies at Harvard University. He is a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the Vision Sciences Society, the Optical Society of America and the Society for Neuroscience. Products developed in Professor Faubert’s lab include devices to detect neurobiological alterations, enhance sports performance, as well as assess, train and improve perception in people of all ages.

About EON Reality
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