No matter what your native language is, you can now learn, train, and perform in it with EON Reality’s EON-XR Platform.

With the latest update to EON-XR, EON Reality is expanding its multilingual support and localization to include dozens of the world’s most common languages and unique regional dialects. The linguistic addition comes as the latest in a series of minor updates to the world-leading AR and VR company’s flagship product to close out 2019.

Built on the foundational belief of “knowledge is a human right,” EON-XR has always been about providing as many people as possible around the globe. With the latest update, it’s now easier than ever before for educators, trainers, and managers to explain, teach, and distribute lessons to their students and employees without having to understand any coding or spoken languages other than their own.

This is the latest step in continuing the EON-XR Platform’s “EASI” mantra of making the experience as Effortless, Affordable, Self-Service, and Interconnected as possible. Already, EON Reality’s AR and VR solutions for education and enterprise had proven extremely useful in breaking down language barriers by allowing trainees to watch and perform actions rather than read, speak, or listen to instructions in a written or spoken language.

The ease of use across languages is a large part of why EON-XR has been adopted by international and global organizations such as UNIDO and USAID. With dozens of businesses, schools, and government agencies in linguistically divided areas throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia also adopting EON-XR for their academic and training purposes, the need for multilingual lesson creation and distribution has never been more apparent.

In future updates, EON Reality will show how this new feature will also tie into an intuitive new user interface for several devices as well as updated tutorials and user experience guides.