Interactive 3D Software Provider Launches EONExperience Lab, a State-of-the-Art Visualization Facility That Takes Online Virtual Worlds to the Next Dimension

IRVINE, CA – EON Reality, Inc., the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced that it will open its Asia Pacific headquarters with the launch of EONExperience Lab, a research and development center with a modern, three-dimensional and holographic display environment. The state-of-the-art visualization facility will be housed in Singapore’s Fusionopolis facility.

“We selected Singapore as the location of our Asia Pacific headquarters because of the access to global talent, shared vision and passion for interactive digital media, and strategic business location,” said Dan Lejerskar, chairman, EON Reality. “We believe that Singapore’s reliability, pro-business environment and comprehensive IT infrastructure provides us with a great ecosystem to fuel our growth.”

“Equally important to EON Reality is the cooperation of the Singapore government,” says Sridhar Sunkad, vice president of business development, EON Reality. “The government’s support of this effort shows initiative and the desire to participate in and contribute meaningfully to the global digital economy.”

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Media Development Authority (MDA) are working closely with EON Reality to create a revolutionary rich-media, visual experience platform in which companies, industry, academia and the public sector can meet and exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas.

“We aim to attract the best-of-breed new media companies to conduct R&D and make Singapore their test-bed for the latest technologies,” said Michael Yap, deputy chief executive officer and executive director, MDA. “Having the EONExperience Lab in Singapore will boost our reputation as the nexus of new media and make available the best of visualisation tools and platform to our local industry and research community.”

The aim of EONExperience Lab is to provide companies with access to new tools that will enhance online sales, marketing, education and collaboration efficiency. The EONExperience platform will take current online virtual worlds to the next dimension through photo-realism, multi-user support, user-generated content capability and 3D streaming.

EONExperience Lab will hold the global product charter for the following products: EON Server, EON I Search, EON Human, EONExperience Builder, EONExperience service and EON Coliseum. The charter will include the management control and global profit and loss responsibility for these products. The company expects to hire up to 120 employees by 2010, with the majority being Singaporeans.

“The EDB welcomes EON Reality’s decision to base its Asia Pacific headquarters and R&D Center for its EONExperience business in Singapore” said Ko Kheng Hwa, managing director, Singapore Economic Development Board. “We are excited that EON Reality will be developing its next-generation technology and growing its global business from Singapore. Its presence here is an endorsement of our efforts to develop Singapore into a digital media capital.”

“Every year, Singapore produces highly skilled IT and media graduates eager to join the industry. We believe that the diversity and vibrancy of Singapore’s talent pool are highly conducive to the generation of new ideas and inventions. Innovation-driven companies like EON Reality can capitalize on the imagination of our people to meet the needs of their global customers,” Ko added.

EONExperience Lab also will launch an online interactive 3D library with more than 30,000 three-dimensional company-specific objects or applications that will help users to generate their own content using a LEGO® building approach. The current library contains more than 12,000 objects and covers topics such as aerospace, medical, vehicle, construction and consumer electronics, as well as entertainment and learning topics including astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and cultural heritage.

In conjunction with operations at Fusionopolis, EON Reality has established an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) Asia, in a strategic partnership formed between EON Reality, Temasek Polytechnic and IM Innovations. Supported by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), IDC Asia will offer innovative interactive and digital media (IDM) technology solutions, training and professional services. Located at the Temasek Polytechnic campus, IDC Asia will complement the EONExperience Lab by moving content, application and market development opportunities to industry to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. The joint efforts of EONExperience Lab and IDC Asia will support the entire product life-cycle value chain and provide a powerful launch pad supporting Singapore’s strategic thrust to become the digital media and entertainment capital by 2015.

About EON Reality Inc.
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