The investment for the State of Mexico is initial, notes company president; specializing in virtual reality company has customers such as Exxon and BP. EON Reality, virtual reality company, invested 20 million dollars in its technology center located in the State of Mexico.

“Virtual reality allows the transfer of knowledge in a more efficient way. People who use this technology remember more information, retain better and make better decisions,” said Dan Lejerskar, President of the company.

Lejerskar noted that with the technological hub which starts operations in the State of Mexico will seek to achieve four objectives: to develop a school of virtual reality, create local content, generate information to be distributed in the world and promote sustainability business.

“We built a school that, initially, can accommodate more than 200 students, where they teach you everything we know about virtual reality and build capacity in Mexico to learn who can create content,” said the company president.

They will become a distribution platform to spread awareness across the country and around the world.

“Mexico has a rich history and we want to encapsulate, the pyramids, the past, bring it to life,” said the interviewee.”

The manager explained they chose Mexico to invest and develop their virtual reality systems because it is a young nation with well-educated people who speak Spanish, helping them to launch their solutions throughout Latin America. Moreover, the choice of the State of Mexico is because it is the largest population in the country and initiatives of the state governor, Eruviel Avila, in harmony with plans to develop projects with EON Reality towards future in the country.

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