Earlier this spring, EON Reality opened its doors to one of their most talented intake of interns in the company’s history in a program led by  Executive Vice President, Anna Lejerskar. 

Launched amid the COVID-19 crisis and in response to the uncertainty many young graduates face during these unprecedented times, the EON Reality Team wanted to provide the soon-to-be graduates with an edge as they begin to take their first steps into the competitive post-pandemic labour market. 

I am a huge proponent of hands-on learning,” says Anna, “afterall, you can say that learning in VR and AR is an embodiment of this learning philosophy.”

An internship is a real hands on experience and the first important step to full employment, and I wanted to give the opportunity for soon-to-be graduates to gain experience in their chosen field while being part of the VR/AR learning movement pioneered by EON Reality. I strongly believe we have to support the youth and encourage them when they demonstrate the willingness to learn and succeed ” 

As a result, six highly talented interns were picked from a competitive pool of more than a thousand applications and as their internship winds down to an end after a three-month stint, we caught up with them to hear about their experience at EON Reality. 


Karl Kenfack

Based in Paris, Karl is currently working towards a double Masters in Management and International Business at the IAE of Caen in France. 

Karl shares of his time at EON Reality,  “My experience at EON is very different from my other internships because of the teleworking that is 100% effective and because all the firm members are always willing to help learn and give advice. But also compared to the previous experiences, I feel like I’m traveling around the world while staying put because I’m attending meetings where the audience is culturally diverse.

When asked what he had learned about himself during this time, he replied without skipping a beat, “I learned that I could be very persistent!


Lavina Kathambi

Lavina Kathambi, based in Kigali, Rwanda, is currently majoring in Computer Science at The African Leadership University, majoring in Computer Science. 

She explains how the mentorship element has been an invaluable part of her experience, “I am working closely with Mr. Prakash Padaruth, Head of EON Reality Africa, and he is not just teaching me what needs to be done when, but he is also giving me room for growth. He is constantly welcoming my ideas and taking them on as needed.

I am really encouraged to show up every day and be better, knowing that I can speak up when stuck, have a different opinion, and share it, and have someone listen; this really shows that I am valued in the team.” 

Lavina also reveals how the cultural diversity of the EON Reality team and its clients has contributed to her growth. 

EON Reality’s internship is for one, remote, with a global community that’s in different time zones and also a diverse range of clientele. I am also constantly keeping up with other interns from different countries and this makes the social aspect of the internship pretty executing too, I get to hear different stories about where they came from, some of their goals, and generally, what they are into, I am constantly learning from my peers and challenging myself to be a better version of myself each day.


Griffin Jennings

Griffin, an IT Management Major at Ramapo College based in New Jersey, revealed about his time, “I really enjoy the team atmosphere and being able to see how the sales side of the business works here at EON, while also being able to see the product and its developments at the same time.

Also echoing Lavina’s views on the mentorship program, he says “Rick Ferree is my mentor here at EON Reality, and he has taught me a lot about working in a company setting and jumping right into the action when a direction is given.

My time at EON Reality is a lot more organized than my past experiences, with the inclusion of a mentor figure being a huge part of it for me. I find that having someone to learn from directly and communicate with is far more important than most realize, and I’m so grateful for that here.”


Maliha Kamran

Maliha, who is a Science and Business major at the University of Toledo considers her time at EON Reality under the mentorship of Business Development Director, Mr Frank Botdorf, a formative learning experience.

She explains, “What I admire most about Frank is his ability to think critically about things – he’s a highly intuitive, level-headed person.  He looks at situations from all angles and is very open-minded – this is something that I believe I’ve picked up from him and try to emulate in both professional and personal contexts.

For Maliha, the internship has also helped to crystallize a vision of her future workplace,  “EON Reality has set the bar high when it comes to company culture. Every single person here is committed to doing their best and is very passionate about the company mission. In the long-term, I aspire to work alongside people who show this level of passion for their work.”

Nina Johansson

Senior year student at Montana State University, Nina Johansson, who started her stint at EON Reality in May as a grant writing intern is currently completing her final semester as an English major. 

Like other interns, Nina, also found her internship to be an instructive hands-on learning experience. 

She affirmed, “Though I’ve learned so much about the grant writing process in general and how interesting and unique it is compared to other writing professions, I’ve also been able to see the challenges that come with it. There are a lot of things that can only be learned through trial and error rather than being directly explained, which is something that took me some time to realize. But I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that grant writing is a collaborative process, and it’s extremely important to go out of your way to communicate with whoever you’re working with.”

The opportunity to work with multiple clients spanning over 30 countries and listening to their stories has also led to some deep reflections on her future career in writing.

When it comes to the future, I see myself using my passion, writing, in a way that helps other people. Something I very much enjoyed about grant writing for EON Reality, is working on proposals for projects in places such as Palestine or Morocco, where education can make a huge difference. So, whether I am still writing grants 10 years from now or engaged in another type of writing, I’d like to do something that allows me to help people while doing something I enjoy.”


Maria Lucia Yepes

Maria, currently a graduate student in Management and Systems with a concentration in Database Technologies at New York University, tells us how her experience at EON Reality has helped her hone one of the most critical skills in the workplace.  

I’ve discovered that I’m able to critically think and find a solution to most of my questions without any outside help. Everyone at EON reality is helpful, but time zone differences can force you to problem solve on your own. This, in turn, has been a valuable opportunity for me to nurture my critical thinking skills.

Like the other interns, she also credits her mentors for their direction and support,   “Both Rick and Anna have been both incredibly supportive and have helped me navigate the nuances of the day-to-day at EON. The thing that stands out the most and one I picked up from both my mentors would be their leadership style. Both Rick and Anna are globally aware and reflect a sense of understanding and respect for each and everyone’s culture.”  

She concludes, “At EON Reality, interns are not regular interns. We are not looked upon as less capacitated or less experienced. Instead, we are expected to deliver and perform at the same level as everyone.  At first, this was a bit overwhelming, but I’ve come to realize the value of this opportunity.


Inspired by their stories and want to join us in our next round of internships?  Write to us at [email protected] for more information on application, eligibility details and deadlines. We’d love to hear from you!