IRVINE, Calif., October 2, 2013 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announced that the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMW) at the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany switched its Virtual Reality software to EON Studio and EON Viewer this year. IMW has a passive powerwall display and an active 3D-TV as Virtual Reality devices and the main advantage with the move over to the EON’s software solution has been the usage of one software for both devices.

“Our goal is to improve the integration of Virtual Reality into the existing lectures and with it, to bring the students in contact with Virtual Reality more often. Currently it is a topic in the lecture computer aided design, but in the future, it will be more integrated into the lecture of design theory,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing Norbert Müller, Professor for computer aided product development, Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Design theory students will solve a complex development task, provided by an industry partner. For twelve weeks the students work on their solution in competitive teams, with four students in each team. During the big closing event they will present their results to the other teams and the industrial partner in order to win a competition. Now they will be able to build and use Virtual Reality models with EON software to get a more realistic and fascinating view on their individual ideas.

Configurable bed

Test bed for overrunning clutches with three combinable different motions. An oscillating rotary as well as an axial motion at the inner ring and a rotary motion at the outer ring. All motions can be configured and activated independently in reality and in EON Studio.

Another usage of Virtual Reality is research activities at IMW. “Together with our public and industrial partners, we work on several research projects from clutches to fiber rope. EON software helps us to visualize the research results more intuitively and thereby improves the communication with our project partners,” added Prof. Dr.-Ing Norbert Müller.

In conjunction with the well-established rapid prototyping technologies at the IMW, Virtual Reality closes the gap between the CAD design and the first real prototype.

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