Brendan Reilly, CEO, EON Sports VR, presented at the On Deck Sports and Technology Conference on September 22nd at the Bohemian National Hall in New York.

Brendan Reilly on stage at the On Deck Sports and Technology Conference.

Mr. Reilly talked about how football teams can incorporate Virtual Reality technology solutions into their training regime to get more meaningful repetitions, to maximize practice time, and to develop better players. With the SIDEKIQ, a Virtual Reality American Football training application, coaches can easily create any play or scenario they want their players to experience and train in. Players can also use SIDEKIQ Challenge, a gamified mobile version of the training application, to train on their own by just using their smartphone.

The On Deck Sports and Technology Conference is an annual event series designed to shine a spotlight on new technology that is transforming the ways that we follow, enjoy, analyze, and understand sports. Specifically, this conference seeks to identify the key trends and technologies – from both established firms as well as startup companies – that will reshape the sports industry in the years ahead.

Over 400 sports industry executives, sports tech entrepreneurs, and consumers alike attended to discuss the key ideas and innovations in technology that will fundamentally improve the fan experience moving forward.

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