Use EON Reality’s Augmented Reality technology to display and experience a car in full-scale. With our innovative AR applications, you can now experience high-end cars, such as Formula 1 cars, right in your driveway, garage, living room, or in a dealership showroom by using only a smartphone or a tablet.Through the app, users can select the model of the car they are viewing and select different options such as paint color, interior, and other accessories.
A user can customize their dream car and create a full quote right at the dealership through EON Reality’s award winning EON Sales Assistant software.

By using EON Reality’s Augmented Reality technology in the dealership, carmakers can now offer an innovative interactive experience to their clients, giving them the opportunity to experience virtually unlimited numbers of life-size car configurations within existing showroom spaces. On top of improved client satisfaction, carmakers and dealers enjoy a significant increase in sales of accessories.

As an example, EON Reality, together with AdLoréo and Segafredo Zanetti, created a mobile application that allows users to experience Segafredo F1‘s team in AR with a full-size AR car, a smaller AR car, and a driver selfie mode.

Download the Segafredo 3D application on Google Play or the Apple App Store.