This lesson on the water heater created wholly on EON XR, now lets you get up close and rebuild your own machine in AR/VR!

Created by the University for Business and Technology in Kosovo, the lesson provides an overview of the key components of a virtual heater. Learn how these individual parts function and how they work together to keep the water hot. In this hands on lesson, students can also learn how to put together a water heater in a virtual environment.

Hosted entirely on EON XR, this lesson can be viewed and launched on any smart mobile device or desktop. Perfect for engineering or vocational training, the lesson can be customised and adapted to meet the required learning objectives.

An outcome of the Self-Directed Learning Initiative, this lesson forms part of the 20,000 lessons created by the University for Business and Technology in their transition to a blended learning approach.

Learn to assemble a water heater in AR/VR today by clicking here.