Who doesn’t love to ride roller coasters or bowl strikes (or try) in VR? But guess what: You can learn something too. GearBrain culled through a number of VR educational apps, bypassing some with bugs and others we just couldn’t get to work, to pick what we think are both the best on the market today. These seven will work with your Gear VR headset or the cheaper Google Cardboard devices.

EON Experience EON-XR

Free for Google Cardboard headsets with Android and iOS.

A portal to more than 200 gamified educational experiences, this site is owned by EON Reality Inc., and can be viewed in both virtual reality and augmented reality formats. For educators, there is also a built-in tool to create and manage lessons—which is half the battle for teachers who want to figure out how to stitch these tools into the school day. To see the imagery in augmented reality, you need a headset that allows the smartphone’s rear camera to see out.

EON also has a number of other educational offerings in both app stores, including Nefertiti VR, King Tut VR, EON AR Solar System, Magi Chapel VR, plus more.

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