October 27, 2011 marked the inaugural meeting of the International 3D Society (I3DS) in China.  The I3DS is an organization focused on the steady growth of stereoscopic 3D technologies and content creation through education, awareness-raising, and recognition activities.  The purpose of the I3DS China Committee is to improve the art and technology of China’s 3D content creation, and to support the development of 3D industry specialists through cooperation with related companies in China.

I3DS China Chair Mr. Wenhua Ding commented, “3D is currently the most important technology in the movie and TV fields. The founding of the I3DS China Committee is very important for the 3D industry in China. We aim to facilitate the exchange between China and other nations, as well as contribute to the development of the 3D industry, in order to provide attractive 3D content for Chinese consumers.” Read article here.

As we prepare for our upcoming World Tour it excites us to know that the 3D revolution is growing in China.  We hope our visit to Beijing (November 30) and Shanghai (December 1) will ignite an even greater interest in the benefits of 3D technology beyond the entertainment industry.