IRVINE, Calif., March 1, 2010 – EON Reality, Inc., the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, announced today that KGT Japan has selected EON Reality’s technology to address the request for interactive visualization and training solutions in the academic and business segments.

KGT focuses mainly on intelligent visualization software for the educational area, a market that is rapidly expanding and incorporating more advanced, learning technologies and immersive 3D environments. “Simulation Based Learning (SBL) is a field in which we are expanding, as well as medical training and web collaboration. SBL expects to increase student’s motivation,” said Kukimoto Nobuyuki, Technical Director at KGT and gives an example of Kurume Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering in Kurume City, Japan. Here students will use EON Reality’s interactive 3D software for machine manufacturing and verification of maintenance processes.


Fusion with EON Viewer and wind simulation

Fusion with EON Viewer and wind simulation

“Fusion with EON Viewer and wind simulation”

Scientific visualization is an area where 3D visualization is particularly useful. When there are multiple correlated variables involved, displaying only raw data is not sufficient; it still requires the user to derive meaningful conclusions from large amount of data. “High Performance Computing and massive data sets are difficult to understand intuitively. VR makes it easy to explain by 3D interactive observation. Users can see conception of 3D content and draw plans and graphs simultaneously,” Kukimoto Nobuyuki explained.

This becomes especially important in the medical domain as multiple visual information and design visualization can accelerate decision-making. With VR, users can easily visualize new concepts, abstract ideas and engineering models in quite a short time. “KGT’s multi source display solutions is a technology where data simulations and design visualizations can be tiled, allowing users to compare any content and visual data. It will be a useful tool when it comes to figure out new knowledge from simulation data,” said Kukimoto Nobuyuki. He is excited about the partnership with EON Reality: “We want to represent real applications to the Japanese market and EON Reality is the only company in the world which is making real business using VR, from product configuration, visitor center applications, aircraft computer modeling to education and R&D.”

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