Touted as the “world’s first interactive baseball hitting simulator,” Project OPS features a new virtual reality app called ‘Strike-Zone Awareness with Jason Giambi,’ the former All-Star acting as each consumer’s personal hitting coach.

A new virtual reality baseball tool is giving an edge to hitters of all ages. The creators are from Kansas City and they’re confident their product will soon be in the hands of several Major League teams throughout the country.

“The big leaguers love it,” said Adam Pummill, senior vice president of Eon Sports VR.

The theory is that with the limitless repetition of facing customized pitches, hitters can more quickly develop better strike zone awareness and discipline.

“It gives them live looks, and that’s a big thing, especially in the winter time, in the cold season when we can’t get outside and see live pitchers,” said Bob Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is a former pro baseball player and current trainer at Premiere Baseball KC. He says his high school players have improved greatly since using the virtual reality simulator.

“You can see kids starting to recognize pitches, and I think that’s a big thing too,” he said.

EON Sports VR already had football products out before their baseball version was released fall of 2015. However, three Major League Baseball teams started using a larger, higher-end version of Project OPS this spring.

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