The developer of virtual reality technology, EON Reality, will invest 20 million dollars in this state to build a regional plant, the first that will in Latin America. The first development center of virtual reality in Mexico is located in the municipality of Atizapan and in a first phase will generate at least 200 jobs. The hub will also feature a school dedicated to the training of new employees of EON Reality. The hub in the State of Mexico will develop applications in Spanish for Latin America.

Virtual reality allows the knowledge available, accessible, and that its transfer is made ​​at a lower cost. At the same time, learning gets faster and with a higher level of recognition. In the presentation of the project, Governor Eruviel Ávila, said he will seek to EON Reality generate applications for local administration, especially for sectors safety and health. the State of Mexico, said the state executive, will be a “fertile ground” for investments by EON Reality, and which will give “good fruit”.

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