Kuwait City, KW

EON-XR Center Kuwait

EON-XR Center

Al-Shuhadaa Street
Kipco Tower, 26th Floor
Kuwait City 13023, Kuwait
Managing Director: Mohammad A. Alkhulaifi
Phone: +965-99292632
Business Development Director: Abdullah Kamal 
Phone: +965-9945658
Customer Success Manager: Abdullah Alenezi 
Phone: +965-98006722

The EON-XR Center in Kuwait is a partnership between NEST, a National Company for Educational Services and Training,  and EON Reality. NEST is a subsidiary of National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), a company fully owned by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA).

The Center is an exclusive center of excellence in the region for lifelong learning dissemination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-based knowledge transfer solutions. The center’s Human 2.0 initiative aims at uplifting millions of smart students and smart workers for the area-specific jobs of the future.

The center also teaches the Self-Directed Learning program that embraces active learners to become experts in various subjects. With Self-Directed Learning, instructors can simply give the students a set of subjects and parameters to create a lesson as part of their assignment — allowing them to learn a specific topic as they design their own interactive experience.

The center provides access to a state-of-the-art XR showroom, development lab, and a VR Innovation Academy which will train new VR and AR professionals to grow the local XR economy and empower graduates to start their own XR companies.


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