Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Augmented and Virtual Reality Cluster Center

Campus Zug-Rotkreuz
Suurstoffi 1 CH-6343 Rotkreuz

The Augmented and Virtual Reality Cluster Center in Luzerne, Switzerland, housed at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Luzern), is the largest educational institution in Central Switzerland and one of seven regional, public-funded universities of applied sciences in Switzerland.

The Center provides digital talent development pathways and training programs for their students and the entire nation. By utilizing the interconnected EON-XR Platform and the Classroom 3.0 model, the world-class school is able to improve the interactivity and retention in their own lessons while also preparing students for the future by teaching them the technology that many leading industries and businesses are already using.

The ACC also offers the Self-Directed Learning program that embraces active learners to become experts in various subjects. With Self-Directed Learning, instructors can simply give the students a set of subjects and parameters to create a lesson as part of their assignment — allowing students to learn a specific subject as they design the interactive experience about it.

The center provides access to state-of-the-art EON-XR showroom, development lab, and a VR Innovation Academy which will train new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality professionals to grow the local VR/AR economy and empower graduates to start their own VR and AR companies.

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