IRVINE, Calif., November 2, 2009 – The Naledi3d Factory, a resident at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa, has reached another historic milestone by receiving acknowledgement for its interactive 3D learning projects based on virtual reality software from EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider. In May 2009, its work with World Links Zimbabwe was selected by the World Summit Award (WSA) Grand Jury 2009 “as one of the most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content”.

During a seven-day evaluation process in New Delhi, India, the “Rural Life Skills Development Project (Farming)” was chosen to be among the Special Mentions of this year’s contest out of a pool of 545 national best products from 157 countries.

The extent to which local people and their leadership took up and understood the power of VR, and in particular, the use of interactive3d learning objects (i3dlo’s) as a learning medium, has been amazing. Of particular interest is the way in which i3dlo’s are now leading communities to establish income-generating projects themselves, such as bee-keeping as a new income-generating activity for the centre as well as the community.

Eli Gudza, Executive Director, World Links Zimbabwe said, “The use of interactive3d learning objects in the training of rural farmers produced results far beyond what we could think or imagine. During the training workshops, it became clear that this cutting-edge approach was capable of bringing out concepts and assisting in the development of skills, deepening understanding as well as changing attitudes in a way not previously possible using traditional media, text or video. i3dlo’s have the potential to revolutionize training across many sectors of development, not just on the African continent, but globally. They appeal to the way that people learn, whoever they are, wherever they are and in whatever language – through the localization process that has developed through this project. …Our view is that it is now time to bring this powerful learning tool and methodology not just to the people of Zimbabwe, but to the many people of Africa who need it and whose livelihoods can be transformed.”

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