The first ever, virtual reality training system for Football, has been picked up by legend Mike Ditka, amongst others. EON Sports, a subsidary of EON Reality, has designed innovative 3D and virtual reality technologies that are easy to use and benefit both athletes and coaches by simulating realistic game action.

Valuing a 21-year-old’s prototype headset at $300 million struck many as euphoric. In less than a year, though, it proved a genius investment. Facebook’s Zuckerberg contacted Luckey in his preferred fashion, e-mail, and the older and younger wunderkinds bonded over technology and sci-fi. In January 2014 Zuck came to the Oculus office to try the Rift.

Entertainment will quickly follow. In October filmmaker Danfung Dennis released Zero Point, the first film shot in 360-degree video expressly for the Oculus Rift. A Laguna Beach, Calif. company called NextVR just released a virtual version of a live performance by the rock band Coldplay, and a company called EON Sports is making a VR athletic training program starring football legend Mike Ditka. There’s even a Spanish startup called VirtualRealPorn selling subscriptions to a site full of Rift-compatible 3-D videos, promising users they’ll “feel like you were there” and experience “extra immersion.”

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