EON Spatial Meeting

Connect in a shared virtual space

Meet in real-time and space with users around the world.

Real-time teleportation

Explore real places around the world

Rather than using video calls or generic settings for meeting with colleagues, students, and peers around the world, invite them to join you in your actual location. With EON Spatial Meeting, users can digitally teleport themselves into the physical location of another user, complete with the ability to discover, explore, and interact with the environment.

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Boundary-free connections

Bring people together anywhere, any time

Real, interpersonal connection is a key part of education, business, and life in general. As many learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, video calls aren’t an acceptable substitute for that. With EON Spatial Meeting, users can “physically” be in the same location while they move, converse, interact, and much more in ways never before possible.

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Any Device

No need to get special hardware, EON Spatial Meeting is available on many smartphones and tablets.


Thanks to AWS infrastructure, EON Spatial Meeting can be accessed anywhere with a wireless connection.


Whether one visitor or several, hosts can bring guests from around the world to their current location.


Used in conjunction with EON Merged XR, EON Spatial Meeting creates an interactive setting like no other.

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