IRVINE, CA, June 14, 2023 – EON Reality Inc., a leading company in Artificial Intelligence-powered Augmented and Virtual Reality-based experience creation, is proud to unveil the highly anticipated EON Spatial AI Centre World Tour. This global tour will redefine the future of knowledge transfer by showcasing the transformative potential of EON’s cutting-edge Spatial AI technology.

As a leader in the field, EON Reality is at the forefront of the Spatial AI revolution. The EON Spatial AI Centre World Tour brings together industry visionaries, decision-makers, and thought leaders from around the world to experience firsthand the groundbreaking capabilities of Spatial AI in revolutionizing education, industry, and beyond.

“Knowledge transfer is entering an unprecedented era with the convergence of spatial computing and artificial intelligence,” said Dan Lejerskar, CEO and co-founder of EON Reality. “The EON Spatial AI Centre World Tour is a testament to our commitment to empowering organizations globally, enabling them to leverage Spatial AI and revolutionize the way they learn, train, and perform.”

The EON Spatial AI Centre World Tour will traverse major cities and innovation hubs worldwide, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Everyone will gain insights into the latest advancements in Spatial AI, participate in interactive demonstrations, and explore the limitless possibilities for their respective industries.

EON Spatial AI Centre World Tour

Istanbul        Friday 16 June

Kuwait          Sunday 18 June and Monday 19 June

UAE             Tuesday 20 June to Friday 23 June

Delhi             Monday 26 June to Wednesday 28 June

Malaysia       Friday 30 June, Monday 3 July and Tuesday 4 July

Jakarta          Wednesday 5 July to Friday 7 July

Bangkok       Monday 10 July to Wednesday 12 July

Hanoi            Thursday 13 July and Friday 14 July

Singapore      Monday 17 July – Friday 21 July

Seoul             Monday 24 July and Tuesday 24 July 

Manila           Thursday 27 July and Friday 28 July


Africa and Europe – Dates to be announced for August and September

EON Reality’s Spatial AI technology is already accessible in over 18 billion devices worldwide, ensuring widespread availability and impact. By joining the initiative, organizations will have the opportunity to learn firsthand how Spatial AI can transform their training programs, educational initiatives, and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, EON Reality is committed to supporting the implementation of their Spatial AI solutions. Through the Spatial AI Centre, EON provides comprehensive technology knowledge transfer, tailored implementation strategies, and funding support. This initiative aims to break down barriers and empower organizations to leverage the transformative potential of Spatial AI.


About EON Reality

EON Reality is a leading company in Artificial Intelligence-powered Augmented and Virtual Reality-based experience creation for education and industry. EON Reality’s 25 years of existence and success are tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every person on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality developed and launched EON-XR, a SaaS-based platform dedicated to the democratization of XR content creation that brings code-free XR development and publishing to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any other XR-focused devices.  EON-XR and many of EON Reality’s other solutions can be used in devices of different sizes, in different shapes and at different types of locations: from hand-held mobile devices, to head-mounted displays, to large-scale screens, and even at mega-size facilities. EON Reality’s global network now comprises more than 1.8 million licenses who are collectively building a vast digital community in more than 75 locations. EON Reality has also created the world’s leading XR library for education and industry.