Virtual reality is the next technological breakthrough. Large companies are already working to avoid running out of the next big innovation. EON Reality announced the creation of the first center in Latin America development of virtual reality technology to be located in Mexico.

“EON announces a hub for Latin America based in the State of Mexico, where apps for the whole region will be developed, which will pick up the story to state in virtual reality,” the US company.

The anuncipo company will invest 20 million dollars for the creation of the headquarters of virtual reality in Atizapán. Yann Froger, chief operating officer of EON Reality, said the creation of a center of this kind will help the development of applications in Spanish for the entire region.

For his part, President of EON, Dan Lejerskar, said a school that will train 200 students will also open a factory, a distribution platform and a broadcast will be made.

“This is a team made ​​up for jobs that have to do with the areas of health, education, energy and tourism,” the president of the company based in California said.

He noted that among the advantages of this center is that the skills and abilities of students and workers who contribute to local businesses will increase, there will be advantages in the education sector, and will work with academic institutions in science, technology and engineering.

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