The UK Team at EON Reality continues to be pivotal in helping create, support, and deliver the brand new state-of-the-art VR & AR Learning Suite at Telford College.

The chief executive of the Education & Training Foundation said he was ‘blown away’ by the new Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) facilities at Telford College, which is a fantastic accolade for Telford College and their 7th form concept.

Since its inception by the visionary teams at the further and higher education establishment in Telford, the technology from the local enterprise partnership and EON Reality has attracted serious and unique attention from the likes of the BBC, RAF Cosford and other stakeholders across major UK industry leaders. It is also one of the most ‘mind-blowing’ learning spaces in the county – as evidenced recently by the Chief of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), David Russell.

Mr. Russell is in charge of the ETF, which is a UK government-backed support body for the further education (FE) and training sector in the UK and upholds both professional standards and support for this expertise within the learning industry.

He recently took to Twitter to kindly say: “Quite blown away by the learning technology I’ve seen at the VR/AR centre at Telford College. So much potential to be used to enhance education. A very exciting professional development challenge for staff.”

VR and AR have been proven to provide strongly immersive media for learners across vocational education, in adult education, for upskilling, and even to support strong workplace performance.

Virtual Trainer

Telford College’s EON-XR Suite also benefits from an entire “VR Virtual Trainer Centre,” a teaching and immersive learning space kitted out with HTC Vives and EON Reality’s Virtual Trainer product from EON-XR. Virtual Trainer helps to deliver photorealistic training across a wide variety of subjects, and is particularly useful for learning vocational subjects, skills and procedures in exciting and sometimes inaccessible or risky environments.

Students and Learners – as Impressed as the Teachers

A Lecturer at Telford College in Creative Studies, Anna Dowdall commented in the local paper Shropshire Star about the positive impact that the suite has had on students in terms of engagement, and even for students who are using immersive technology for the first time.

The training session also allowed myself and fellow tutor Joe Adams to try the new equipment for the first time – it was fun to experiment with the equipment, and to try new things. We were especially impressed with the way the technology allows us to see amazing locations and feel like we are there.

Virtual Trainer forms the core VR offering within EON Reality’s immersive platform, EON-XR.
It is a multi-user, advanced VR product which enables globally connected, centralized virtual procedure, scenario and operations training across six core industry verticals. These are Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare and Medical, Education, and Security and Defence.