Credit: UNIDO

According to the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), many regions face major infrastructure challenges in the provision and treatment of water. Specifically, there can be a two-pronged problem. The first being that there are often not enough water treatment plants, and the second, being that when plants are established – there is a lack of trained, acclimated, and qualified operators to work in these locations.

This is where EON Reality provides innovation to help make the change. Through years of strategic collaboration, we provide the virtual reality infrastructure for UNIDO’s ongoing knowledge transfer projects.

Water & Wastewater International Magazine spoke to EON Reality UK’s Chairman, Ken Swain, about the empowering learning opportunity which VR provides, and outlined the good work achieved with UNIDO.

Read about “A Promising Future” in the WWiM Q2 edition and discover how EON Reality’s Virtual Reality development is digitally transforming the way vocational learning is delivered and assessed.

The water sector is arguably the most important industry sector in the world. Often it is taken for granted, especially where water services as a primary service industry for verticals like farming, beverages, food, plastics, and cosmetics. Globally, the water industry incorporates hundreds of thousands of workers. To name just a few of the contributing sectors, these include water engineering, operations, QA, infrastructure, equipment design, supply, wastewater management, and chemical treatment facilities.

Naturally, this makes learning and development in the water industries mission critical, not only for talent and recruitment, but also for the upskilling and retention of the workforce. Virtual training and AR can provide new opportunities for learning and skills development.

New workers from the ‘millenial’ and ‘Z’ generations can often have differing expectations of learning, and are more au fait with smartphones and desktop platforms.

The Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Platform is designed perfectly to fill this multi-generational learning and ops need, for a huge variety of industries.