As EON Reality’s newest Italian partner, the students will receive AR and VR elements within their education.

Photo courtesy of University of Genoa

EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces a new joint agreement with the University of Genoa to include AR and VR opportunities. The partnership will help to broaden the university’s experience by activating a long-term strategic collaboration relating to the generation of ideas, pre-feasibility studies, and research projects carried out in partnership in the context of technological development activities and innovation.

The wide-ranging partnership will cover numerous subjects, all of them maintaining a particular focus on how AR and VR usage can assist with education for industrial sectors such as energy, medicine, manufacturing, production, aerospace, and defense.

Shared partnership projects like this one — in which research, innovation and training are closely linked to the territorial economic and productive context — will also help to develop and identify new models and strategies to strengthen the bond with the local people and businesses. While the primary objective will be to help provide VR and AR solutions for education and enterprise, the experimentation of new forms of communication and practical usage of high-end technological content will also create an impact socially and culturally for the area.

The internationalization of research and training activities — both for independent studies as well as through participation in international projects — also represents a strategic structure in the positioning of the two institutions. Through these activities, EON Reality and the University of Genoa will be able to identify common actions in both their global and organizational networks in order to better help promote the scientific, technological and entrepreneurial culture at the local level.

The partnership will also help to expand EON Reality’s network through Italy as well as all of Europe and around the world, while also providing the University of Genoa with the ability to utilize high-end AR and VR equipment for both their in-house education and further research. The highly-regarded school’s 40,000 students and faculty members will now have access to learn, train, and perform more efficiently through interactive and immersive VR and AR lessons both while functioning remotely and upon returning to the classroom.

This collaborative effort comes as academic institutions around the world search for VR and AR ways to improve their education regardless of when classrooms around the world are allowed to open again. It’s a larger part of the reason EON Reality has recently focused on making its services more accessible for instructors and students alike by allowing end-users to create their own lessons and modules with help from both AR and VR experts as well as the Resource Center.

““We believe in enabling students like those at the University of Genoa to maximize their learning potential by adding VR and AR to their usual education. Sharing knowledge and bringing academic possibilities to faculty and students around the world has always been a goal for EON Reality, and we continue to pursue that with every passing day. Partnering with top-notch universities is also a fantastic way for us to reach the local communities and entrepreneurs as well, so we can truly transform regions rather than simply focusing on individual institutions.”

Dan LejerskarFounder of EON Reality

As EON Reality has already done with academic institutions like Vaal University of Technology in South Africa and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, the University of Genoa will also be able to contribute to the growing library of AR and VR education and industry lessons within EON-XR. In recent months, lesson highlights created by institutions like these have been an integral part in bolstering EON Reality’s remote learning offerings around the world — providing a basis for students to learn and colleges like the University of Genoa to share their excellence in a wide variety of topics and languages.

“The collaboration with EON Reality on the development of VR/AR competencies is a strategic opportunity for our students and researchers. It is allowing us to identify and experiment with innovative models of education, communication and knowledge transfer, and — social and cultural terms — to strengthen the link with our territory. Genoa, the Liguria region, and the Italian northwestern industrial district have a central role in maritime, logistics, and high-tech domains and a strong inclination towards tourism. Surely this cooperation will enhance our region and give rise to future positive development.”

Paolo ComanducciRector of University of Genoa

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