Reshaping the Future of Manufacturing by Utilizing State-of-the-art Spatial AI Technology.

IRVINE, CA – September 14, 2023 – EON Reality, a global leader in Extended Reality (XR) solutions, today announced the launch of its cutting-edge EON AI Assistant, an XR platform designed to reshape the future of manufacturing. Utilizing state-of-the-art Spatial AI technology, this platform revolutionizes the way manufacturing floors operate by offering a range of benefits such as personalized training, real-time maintenance support, safety protocols, remote collaboration, and inventory management.

What EON AI Assistant Offers:

Personalized Training Experiences
The EON AI Assistant provides customized, immersive training experiences, making the learning curve easier for new hires and improving skills across the board.

Real-time Maintenance Support
Bid farewell to downtimes with EON AI Assistant’s real-time maintenance support, ensuring that machines operate efficiently around the clock.

Safety Protocols
Prioritize the safety of your workforce with comprehensive safety protocols and guidance, easily accessible through the EON AI Assistant.

Remote Collaboration
The platform allows seamless remote collaboration, providing solutions to problems without the need for physical presence, thereby reducing travel costs and time.

Inventory Management
Streamline your inventory management processes through AI-powered tracking and monitoring, saving both time and costs.

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Why Choose EON AI Assistant:

  • Increase Efficiency: Streamline operations and improve productivity by adopting the EON AI Assistant.
  • Reduce Costs: Minimize operational downtime, reduce waste, and cut expenses by leveraging AI-driven insights.
  • Improve Quality: Achieve a higher standard of manufacturing by utilizing data analytics for quality control.
  • Boost Safety: Ensure a safer work environment with the help of real-time safety features and protocols.

“Don’t get left behind; be a part of the manufacturing revolution,” says Dan Lejerskar, CEO & Chairman of EON Reality. “The EON AI Assistant is more than just a technology upgrade; it’s a complete transformation of how manufacturing floors can and should operate in the modern age.”

About EON Reality
EON Reality is a leading company in Artificial Intelligence-powered Augmented and Virtual Reality-based experience creation for education and industry. EON Reality’s 25 years of existence and success are tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every person on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality developed and launched EON-XR, a SaaS-based platform dedicated to the democratization of XR content creation that brings code-free XR development and publishing to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any other XR-focused devices. EON-XR and many of EON Reality’s other solutions can be used in devices of different sizes, in different shapes and at different types of locations: from hand-held mobile devices, to head-mounted displays, to large-scale screens, and even at mega-size facilities. EON Reality’s global network now comprises more than 1.8 million licenses who are collectively building a vast digital community in more than 75 locations. EON Reality has also created the world’s leading XR library for education and industry with access to at least 6 million assets and counting. For further information, visit