Football coaches know how to make players bigger, faster, and stronger. EON Sports has taken the next leap in understanding, applying fighter pilot training to quarterbacks. Because hardware has been too expensive, EON Sports has enabled this training to be immersive through any mobile phone.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In the next year or two, an NFL quarterback will step onto the practice field, put on a headset and run through the game plan against a holographic defense that looks, moves and thinks like the upcoming opponent.

At least that’s the prediction of Brendan Reilly, the 28-year-old CEO of Eon Sports and a relative football novice who spent most of a year touring the country to show coaches beta versions of his virtual reality software and ask: How do we make this better?

There are no artificially intelligent avatars, at least not at Eon Sports.

What Reilly’s developers have now amounts to an interactive quiz, viewable from any position on the field. Both teams’ playbooks can be loaded, allowing a player to experience what he’ll see on game day.

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