Earlier in the year, the UK team worked with Accelerate Places in Manchester, a co-working hub in the city center, to develop fireside breakfast discussions about the future of Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR).

Alongside UK peers and startups in the EON-XR industry ⁠— such as the immersive businesses at The Landing in MediaCityUK who’ve just received investment for their Government-backed Digital Catapult space in Salford ⁠— the EON Reality team also had the privilege of chairing a panel that included Ed Andersen, KPMG’s Head of Development in Manchester.

The breakfast tech panel discussed everything from eye-tracking in VR and biosensor or haptic inputs to predictive analytics within AR applications.

Overall, the group talked about an array of both research and commercial products from industry sectors that are increasingly deploying immersive technology solutions to save money and stay ahead.

Essentially, we’re turning KPMG into a software company by building our own assets and products. It’s fascinating to see it happen and brilliant to be a part of the journey. It’s a massive mindset shift away from being the traditional consultancy model, and we’re learning and improving all the time.

In a panel discussion chaired by Jane McConnell, EMEA Marketing Director at EON Reality, the overall futures-based discussion about EON-XR technologies led to a wider understanding of the ecosystem for immersive technology in the global market, predictions for the next generation of hardware, and the kinds of applications that will become commonplace in work and life.

Our core competencies here are C# and .NET, but we’re very agnostic in terms of other technologies. We have very good relationships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google, but you’re free to choose the programming languages and alliance partner that best fits the requirements of your project.

In fast-paced environments focused on digital transformation, all discussion delegates noted that EON-XR solutions are increasingly being implemented for training, learning, and performance. Specifically, this was around how Learning and Development leaders and training managers across the world are looking at new ways to gain feedback from the technology with regards to employee progress, staff turnover, and recruitment.

EON Reality is dedicated to increasing and widening the accessibility of EON-XR technology, making it commonplace for the ways in which we live, work, and educate current and future generations. In a media-saturated world, the demand and the standards of engagement that interactive content is required to generate have increased dramatically.

VR and AR are the perfect mediums to not only provide information and data in these ways, but also to generate usable data to drive stronger results for everything from educational and training organizations to large enterprises looking for ways to drive efficiency.

The largest development and forecast-based discussions circled tightly around how EON-XR solutions can drive low-cost and low risk experiential learning.

EON-XR, Built for Industry 4.0

The opportunities of EON-XR technology across learning and development environments have increased exponentially.

Discover how EON Reality can support your vision in using immersive technology.

Virtual Trainer forms the core VR offering within EON Reality’s immersive EON-XR Platform.
It is a multi-user advanced VR product which enables globally connected virtual procedure, scenario, and operations training across six core industry verticals. These are Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare and Medical, Education, and Security and Defence.