EON-XR now provides a hands on virtual lab for chemistry students and a safe space  for experiments in AR and VR. This virtual lab now makes equipment more accessible to students in schools that can only offer limited lab time with social distancing measures.  Using EON-XR, students can now experience setting up their own experiments at home with their own smart phones or desktops. Getting access to a lab isn’t always easy, but AR  and VR technologies are now opening the doors of opportunity for students across the world to learn at their own time and pace.  Because there’s no time limit, students can review theories, concepts, and techniques as often as they want. In addition, the feedback from our analytics and assessment feature willl help them understand which concepts they need to review, and where they need more practice.

For a full, hands on immersive learning experience in the Virtual Lab, please click here or browse our lesson highlights for more classroom inspiration!