At this point, it’s no mystery that social media platforms have really just become a test to see who can come up with the strongest algorithms for engagement and retention among its user base. What consumers see as watching their favorite videos on TikTok or liking a few photos on Instagram has become a massive business for data and technology companies, each one trying to best the other when it comes to serving its users the right types and combinations of organic content and paid advertising to make sure they keep coming back multiple times per day, everyday.

Social Media Addiction is a Rising Concern
There’s also no denying the impact it’s had on the world to this point. “Algorithm” has become a dirty word after companies like Cambridge Analytica have utilized Facebook’s and Google’s data tracking and learning to feed an endless stream of lifestyle ads, political messaging, and strategic disinformation to ensure that people buy into one idea over another — often to the point of shaping the geopolitical climate of an entire nation.

Utilizing AI to Improve Knowledge and Training Across the Globe
But in a world where social media addiction is a rising concern, modern society’s dependence on artificial intelligence within their smartphones, laptops, and tablets could also be an incredible way to improve academic knowledge and vocational training across the globe. It would be a massive undertaking, but utilizing those same addictive algorithms to teach and improve the education and job skills of millions of users — many of whom currently remain hypnotized in ways that could be detrimental to the development of society — is the light at the end of the tunnel from the swamp of time-wasting social media activities.

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EON-XR’s AI-Powered XR Experience Can Promote Learning and Productivity
That’s exactly what EON Reality is looking to accomplish with the future of EON-XR. As the platform continues to evolve as an AI-powered XR experience designed to stimulate users’ quest for useful and practical knowledge, EON Reality will utilize the strength and functionality of algorithms to promote continuous meaningful and productive learning for humanity’s benefit.

Although it may seem like a bold plan on the surface, EON-XR is the last necessary piece of the puzzle from a technological standpoint. With the algorithmic examples designed by successful social media platforms and the engaging nature of learning and creating in augmented and virtual reality, the marriage of the two is something that EON Reality’s education and development leaders have identified as an obvious path into the future with no limit on its usefulness or scale of adoption.

XR Attention to Benefit Everyone
Through the AI-driven engine, users will be able to pick up EON-XR whenever they’d like to pursue further education not only for their career fields, but also their passions — whether that means taking virtual field trips to outer space, the Seven Wonders of the World, ancient history, or inside the human body. Combined with improved engagement tools developed to guarantee the user never gets bored and always has something new to learn and achieve, EON Reality can capitalize on society’s growing need for likes, follows, and other forms of digital attention in a way that benefits everyone involved.

Humans’ intrinsic curiosity and pursuit of knowledge has driven civilization to prosperous new heights over the last 70,000 years, and there’s no reason we can’t continue to grow and build with the newest technology available. With the recent and upcoming changes to EON-XR, we expect to do our part in illuminating the path that brings people to fulfilling education, exciting jobs, and purposeful lives regardless of what else is going on around them.