SINGAPORE, February 10, 2014 – Aviation Virtual, a key developer of Integrated Training Management Solutions and formed in partnership with MAJ Aviation which is a leader in premier aviation support and engineering services in South-East Asia, and EON Reality, with its leading-edge proprietary technology in 3D Virtual Reality and the EON Icube Immersive System, today announced the formation of a Consortium to deliver an entire Immersive Training Solution that integrates EON Icube 3D Virtual Training System and Aviation Virtual’s Aviation Training Management System – with Augmented Reality capabilities.


Chee Leong co-founder of Aviation Virtual in EON Icube

This Consortium focuses on the Aviation Industry and its Immersive Training Solution will be the first in Singapore and in South East Asia to provide efficient and effective training in various modes and competency levels of aviation maintenance.

The immersive 3D interactivity of the EON Icube will allow trainees to experience the most realistic spatial representation of the aircraft and equipment on board.  Its interactive nature enables the trainees to be mobile and have a dynamic viewing perspective.  The multiple goggles system allow others to view the same 3D perspective of the primary goggle worn by the trainee, and therefore the instructor is able to be alongside to coach the trainee and others can observe to participate before their hands-on turn.  To further enhance the learning pedagogy, the basic hand and finger gestures are being developed to replace the existing handheld controller.


Images from the EON simulation running in the EON Icube Environment

The Training Management System, with Augmented Reality capabilities, drives the operational use of the EON Icube and provides administrative control. After the designed course curriculum is loaded, the system ensures that it is followed, and allows managers and supervisors to monitor progression and provide guidance to improve the training plan. The progress tracking allows review of operational statistics, identifies areas of concern with respect to the curriculum, and trainees. It can also support the indexing and retrieval of training courses with regard to a set of target competences.

The Consortium plans to work with aircraft OEMs, MRO, major aircraft Fleet Operators and other Aviation companies with:

  • repetitive training volume (arising from high turn-over, especially for maintenance crew)
  • recurrent needs for training or familiarization
  • limited availability and high Expenses of operational assets currently used for ground training
  • gaps in existing CBT type training especially in the initial Familiarization phase, and Augmented Reality applications

« The Immersive and Interactive 3D Virtual Trainer will literally bring the industry to the classroom and make the transition between learning and doing seamless. It will bring training to a new dimension by bridging the chasm between theory and practice, lower the total cost of training by enhancing the efficacy and efficiency, and realize the potential inherent in the state-of-the art technologies.  Aviation Virtual is proud to contribute to the training and development of professional expertise in the Aviation Sector, » said Dr Chong Chee Leong, Aviation Virtual’s Managing Director.

« Innovation in Aviation Training must be brought on by fresh insights on elements that will bring about the effective marriage of technology and the instinctive nature in a learning process in each aspects of Aviation.  Today’s technology has arrived with those enablers, » said Mr Khoo Beng Keat, MAJ Aviation’s CEO and Aviation Virtual’s Director.

« 3D Immersive Virtual Reality is the defining visualization technology with good retention and authentic learning experiences. Together with Aviation Virtual, EON Reality will actively contribute to capability development of the Singapore workforce in the Aviation industry,«  said Mr Sridhar Sunkad, EON Reality’s Managing Director.

About Aviation Virtual
Aviation Virtual seeks to reduce the overall training cost and improve training efficiency through the use of immersive and interactive 3D Virtual Reality training solutions and management systems. Aviation Virtual is formed through a partnership with MAJ Aviation, a leader in premier aviation support and engineering services in South-East Asia.

MAJ Aviation although established mainly as an aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) company, is run by ex-RSAF senior engineers who have broad military experience in engineering support and acquisition project management. They have also provided consultancy services spanning from aircraft acquisitions to the very concerns of technical training support during induction, which will contribute valuable insights when dealing with aviation training.  MAJ’s on-going MRO business provides strength for the continuity of engineering support, and the ability to innovate for meeting both the civilian and military aviation training requirements. For further information, visit https://majaviation.com.sg/

About EON Reality
EON Reality, Inc. is the world’s leading interactive 3D visual content management and Virtual Reality software provider. EON Reality provides state-of-the-art 3D display technology for immersive and stereoscopic viewing, from portable tablet PCs and glass free stereo display systems to curved-screen and immersive rooms consisting of multi-channel projection walls. The technology foundation for developing interactive digital content includes importing the most common 3D animation formats into EON’s authoring software and creating modules and applications that can be viewed on various display systems. EON’s technology solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate, collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer. For further information, visit www.eonreality.com.