Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) for industry uses in Japan is expected to skyrocket thanks to the partnership between EON-XR Japan and EON Reality.

Currently, the EON-XR market in Japan is taking a turn from gaming giants (like SONY for hardware and GREE for software) to move towards education and enterprise markets.

As a result, EON-XR Japan is redefining Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and everything between the two through their partnership with EON Reality (add this only in version on JP web). Current uses of EON-XR for enterprise consist of:

  • Employee training programs instead of traditional training methods
  • Safety and compliance training (such as line worker training at meat processing plants)
  • Air Force defense simulations for in-flight and maintenance training
  • Technician training in energy and industrial sectors
  • Service technician training to provide remote support, avoiding unnecessary dispatches
  • Virtual projections for assembly in manufacturing and medical
  • Hands-free virtual map of HVAC systems for management and maintenance
  • Using Augmented Reality to enable Digital Twins


Being one of the few leaders of EON-XR technology in Japan, it is imperative to specify benefits of using EON-XR solutions for enterprise training

Benefits of using EON-XR solutions for enterprise training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Higher fidelity solutions which are more compelling for trainees
  • Portability to provide training whenever and wherever needed
  • Improve customer experience and decrease service costs
  • Improve asset reliability and predict failure before it happens
  • Minimize employee turnover and seasonal spikes
  • Resource conservation

According to a study by The Service Council on the feasibility of AR for the service enterprise, 41% of incomplete service visits would benefit from the use of live video or AR sessions. The same study also found that 72% of respondents were already using or evaluating AR, so the technology’s deployments have proven to be widespread.

Given the demand for EON-XR technologies in enterprise, large simulation systems and other bulky hardware is less common. Many enterprise users need a mobile solution, something light-weight, and portable, which is why head mounted displays (HMDs) and mobile EON-XR are booming.

ENQUIRE ABOUT THE EON-XR PLATFORM TODAYThe future of EON-XR technology in Japan has never been brighter, and thanks to EON Reality’s partnership with EON-XR Japan, it figures to continue growing for years to come.