What is competency based education?  How can competency based education play a role to help in COVID-19 recovery? In short, competency based education is an approach that allows students to master skills and competencies at their own pace. Learners are then assessed on how well they can demonstrate what they learn.

With learning outcomes tied closely to workplace skill competencies, the CBE model offers a systematic process of reskilling workers for reentry into the workforce. AR and VR technologies have proved to be a strong fit for the CBE approach, with its emphasis on hands on and experiential learning.

In this video, Jamie Justice, Director for Education and Global Innovation, shares how EON-XR can be used to serve CBE in learning and assessment.


Jamie also shows how a lesson could be structured using the CBE approach

There is a strong case for adopting the CBE approach in instruction, but a significant challenge may be one of coordination. In the piece below, Richard Price from the Christensen Institute shares some important perspectives. Calling for the Federal Government to go beyond the status quo to incentivize CBE models, he also proposes the formation of new frameworks to assess skills acquisition.

Christensen Institute Perspectives: How competency-based education can help the nation recover from COVID-19

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Putting your AR/VR Learning Plan into Action