Leadership Forum

Digital Transformation in Skills Education


August 15, 2024

You’re Invited to

Leadership Forum

Digital Transformation in Skills Education

Are you ready to lead your nation into a new era of digital transformation and educational excellence? EON Reality and ITE Singapore cordially invite you to attend our exclusive EON Education Leadership Forum in Singapore, where visionary leaders from around the world will gather to discuss the future of education and technology.

At this pivotal event, we will explore the establishment of bilateral collaborations and the creation of National Centres for Spatial AI, aimed at integrating cutting-edge academic insights with the transformative power of digital technologies. Discover how Spatial AI technologies developed by EON Reality can be seamlessly integrated into your national development strategies, elevating the scope and quality of vocational and technical education.

Dan Lejerskar

CEO & Chairman

Mr Bruce Poh Geok Huat

Chief Executive Officer ITE Education Services Pte Ltd

Ms Sabrina Loi

Chief Officer (Organisation Excellence and International Partnerships) & Dean/ITE Academy Institute of Technical Education Singapore

Sridhar Sunkad

Regional Director - Singapore

Jeffrey Nah

Founder & CEO of Future Ready Academy

Dr. Yeo Joo Chuan

CEO & Co-founder Microtube Technologies Pte Ltd.


Thursday, August 15, 2024


09:30 AM - 04:00 PM Registrations Opens at 9:00 AM


ITE HQ & College Central 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive Singapore 567720


9.30 AM – 10.00 AM: Welcome and Introduction

- The Compass ITE Academy
- Address by Ms Sabrina Loi, Dean, ITE Academy
- Address by Mr Bruce Poh, Chief Executive Officer, ITE Education Services (ITEES)
- Address by Mr Dan Lejerskar, Chairman, EON Reality
- Group Photo Taking

10.00 AM – 10.30 AM: Networking Tea

- Academy Lounge ITE Academy

10.30 AM – 12.00 PM: Tour of ITE College Central

- ITE College Central
- User Experience Hub
- Smart Manufacturing Hub
- Aviation Hub
- Retail Training Centre

12.00 PM – 1.30 PM: Lunch

- Academy Lounge ITE Academy

1.30 PM – 2.00 PM: Presentation on Empowering a Nation Through Future Skills and Digital Transformation

- Ms Sabrina Loi Dean, ITE Academy
- The Compass ITE Academy
- ITE’s TVET network and Skills Roadmap
- Sharing of training and governance model
- Sustainable skills education system for the future

2.00 PM – 2.30 PM: Presentation on Agile and Resilient Skills Education Eco-system for a Future Ready Workforce

- Mr Bruce Poh Chief Executive Officer, ITEES
- The Compass ITE Academy
- Insights on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to equip students for Industry 4.0
- Reflections on the future of education and skills development
- Global partnerships in skills education

2.30 PM – 3.30 PM: Presentation on Revolutionizing Education and Workforce Development with Spatial Intelligence

- Mr Dan Lejerskar Chairman, EON Reality
- The Compass ITE Academy
- In-depth exploration of EON Reality's vision for transforming learning experiences through AI and XR technologies
- Showcase of successful collaborative projects and their impact on students worldwide

3.30 PM – 4.00 PM: Panel Discussion with Mr Bruce Poh, Mr Dan Lejerskar and Ms Sabrina Loi

- The Compass ITE Academy

4.00 PM: End of Programme

Understanding the Current AI Hype in Education

  • Across the globe, there’s increasing pressure for educational institutions to integrate AI into their curricula. Yet, amidst this rush, there’s a considerable amount of confusion about what AI truly entails and how it can effectively enhance learning.
  • Many tech giants are jumping onto the AI bandwagon with offerings that, frankly, fall short of delivering substantial educational value. From simplistic AI training to gadgets masquerading as educational tools, the landscape is cluttered with solutions that are more about hype than genuine educational advancement.

Why EON Reality Stands Apart

  • Real Spatial AI Implementation: Unlike others, EON Reality has developed a genuine AI-driven agent capable of transforming conventional courses into comprehensive metaverse experiences—automatically and without human intervention.
  • Comprehensive Educational Experience: Our AI Autonomous Agent transforms text based curriculum to complete metaverse experiential courses on the fly. These courses contain everything from avatars that can answer any question about a subject, to extensive AI Pedagogically Aligned Curriculum & reports, immersive 3D models and environments generated on the fly, and skills simulators. It’s a complete educational ecosystem.
  • Proven Track Record: With partnerships with leading institutions like the Institute for Technical Education in Singapore and thousands of other academic and government organizations in more than 85 countries, EON Reality is recognized as the leader in robust, effective Spatial AI educational technology.

Exclusive Invitation: Witness the Revolution First-Hand

  • Location: Institute for Technical Education, Singapore.
  • Date: August 15, 2024.
  • Experience Our Impact: Join us to see how our collaboration with ITE currently enhances the educational journey for 28,000 students. Dive into our developed curriculum and witness the real-world application of our advanced AI educational tools. Read more about EON Spatial AI Center.
  • Live Demonstrations: Experience our solutions in action, including our latest collaboration with the Singapore government to revolutionize education on a global scale.
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet industry leaders, educators, and innovators who are at the forefront of educational technology.

What Sets EON Reality Apart?

  • Global Reach: Currently serving over 42 million users worldwide.
  • Advanced Technology: Our AI agent not only generates metaverse experiences on the fly but also ensures a rich, interactive learning environment.
  • Academic Credibility: Supported by world-leading educational institutions and tailored to meet the rigorous standards of global education systems.

Join us as we chart a course towards an educational future as dynamic and boundless as the realities we seek to immerse ourselves in. This is your moment to influence change, to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere. The opportunity to be part of this revolution is now. Are you ready to step into the future with EON Reality?

Secure your seat today. Transform the future.

Let’s redefine the boundaries of what’s possible together. Welcome to the future of learning—welcome to EON Reality.

Speakers & Distinguished Guests

Dr. Anthony C. Chang

Founder of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Ma. Aileen Romualdez Abiva

President / CEO, FELTA Multi-Media Inc.

Bertil Andersson

Chairman of EON Education

Dr. Luz Longsworth

Senior Corporate Director, Sandals Corporate University

Victor Ponta

Victor Ponta

Former Prime Minister of Romania

Ms Sebolelo Nomvete

Strategy and Research, merSETA, South Africa

Prof.dr. Edmond Hajrizi

Rector of UBT


  • Please select your preferred attendance, in person or Live Streaming.