An expanded mobile presence allows EON Experience, the world’s largest Virtual Reality Library for Knowledge Transfer, to be accessed anytime, anywhere from iOS and Android devices.

IRVINE, CA, January 6, 2015 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, has launched the EON Experience VR app to bring thousands of applications from EON Reality’s extensive Virtual and Augmented Reality Library to mobile devices. EON Experience VR, available now on both Google Play and App Store, supports Android and iOS devices, such as the Samsung Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6, and mobile headsets, like Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss VR One, and Google Cardboard. EON Experience VR is focused on education and training using Augmented Reality, immersive Virtual Reality, and interactive experiences.

Available on Google Play. Click above to download.

Available on App Store. Click above to download.

Through EON Experience VR’s K-12, higher education, vocational training, and edutainment experiences, students and trainees learn by doing and visualizing complex concepts. These experiences are split into three major subject areas: Industry (e.g. Engine Maintenance, Oil Field Safety Training), Education (e.g. Human Eye Anatomy, Solar System), and Edutainment (e.g. Play with Dolphins, Nefertiti). Using Augmented and Virtual Reality, EON Experience VR places users into realistic situations that simulate patient visits, work environments, and labs or lessons where and when users need it, not just in the classroom or training center.

EON Experience VR is supports Android and iOS devices, such as Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5, Apple Iphone 6, Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.

“We’re extremely excited about bringing the world’s largest Virtual Reality library, EON Experience, to mobile devices,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. “We believe that access to knowledge is a human right and EON Reality designed EON Experience VR to be accessible, affordable, and widely available to help transfer knowledge worldwide. Now we can bring much needed skills training and learning directly to those who need it and through the KnowledgeBit Initiative scale the pricing of an EON Experience VR subscription based on where the user is from.”

EON Experience VR applications work as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and interactive experiences these modes support devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss VR One, Google Cardboard, Epson Moverio BT-200, and others.

EON Reality, in bringing EON Experience VR to mobile devices, has created an affordable and accessible way for students and trainees to learn faster and safer than conventional methods. The majority of experiences on EON Experience VR are free, with a selection of premium experiences available for individual purchase (from $0.99) or accessible via a monthly subscription (from $2.99/month). For developing regions, the KnowledgeBit Initiative, part of EON’s Learn for Life Program, discounts a subscription to EON Experience VR to the local price of a soft drink. This is one of the many ways the EON Learn for Life Program is bringing Virtual and Augmented Reality knowledge transfer to regions and communities that need it the most.

EON Experience VR’s apps focus on K-12, higher education, vocational training, and edutainment experiences, enabling students and trainees to learn by doing and visualize complex concepts.

“Opening our content library to millions of additional people is a momentous moment for EON Reality,” said Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality. “Mobile devices are with us all the time and are our primary portal into our digital world. Now with EON Experience VR, mobile phones are our gateway to the Virtual World as well. We see this as a major opportunity to bring our knowledge transfer expertise to the global community and, through our IDC Development Network, grow with our users’ needs for more accessibility for VR and AR applications.”

“Having worked with VR applications and products for over fifteen years, I’m more excited to launch EON Reality’s new Virtual Reality platform, EON Experience VR, than any other product. The App library is constantly growing and users will be able to consume, contribute, and upload their VR and AR content to our new platform and share it with others,” said Jan Kjallstrom, Vice President of Product Development at EON Reality.

New content is continually being added to EON Experience VR from EON Reality’s global IDC Development Network and is expected to grow to 17,000 apps during 2016. EON Reality’s global IDC Development Network is constantly growing with nine new centers added in 2014 and more in 2015. These centers are developing content for their own regional needs as well as in support of the EON Innovation Program and EON World Heritage Initiative.

About EON Reality
EON Reality, Inc. is the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment. EON Reality provides state-of-the-art 3D display technology for immersive and stereoscopic viewing, from portable tablet PCs and glass free stereo display systems to curved-screen and immersive rooms consisting of multi-channel projection walls. The technology foundation for developing interactive digital content includes importing the most common 3D animation formats into EON’s development software and creating modules and applications that can be viewed on various VR and AR display systems. EON’s technology solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate, collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer. For further information, visit