EON Reality launched the EON Innovation Program at The Co-Foundry in Singapore to a group of interested entrepreneurs. Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality, presented the Innovation Program and explained the 12-month incubation process for Virtual and Augmented Reality start ups.

Along with Mr. Lejerskar, key mentors Michael Yap, Chairman of EON Reality’s International Advisory Board, and Sridhar Sunkad, Managing Director of EON Reality Singapore, presented details of the Innovation Program and Michael Yap’s “Shakeout Methodology” to the assembled group.

For more information on the EON Innovation program please visit the program’s webpage and the press release.

Dan Lejerskar at the Co-Foundry

Dan Lejerskar explaining the 12-month
EON Innovation Program

Launch of the EON Innovation Program

The audience at the Co-Foundry