The collaboration will bring advanced EON-XR solutions to Talladega College

IRVINE, CA, May 10, 2022 – EON Reality, the international leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces a new partnership with Talladega College to bring the knowledge metaverse to Alabama.

Talladega College is Alabama’s first private historically black liberal arts college and has been a leading HBCU for over 150 years, listed among the Princeton Review’s Best Colleges in the Southeast and US News & World Report’s best national liberal arts colleges. In addition to its excellent Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Mathematics departments, the university has a progressive and growing Computer Science department, which offers its titular major and majors in Computer Information Systems and Cybersecurity. Bringing their unrivalled academic legacy, sociopolitical mission and perspective, and forward-thinking computer programs to the knowledge metaverse, Talladega College is an extraordinary addition to EON Reality’s network of U.S. institutions. Access to world-class XR solutions will move the university’s classrooms into the next phase of interactive teaching in every field, while their vast knowledge base will expand the breadth of the metaverse.

“80% of Talladega College graduates pursue advanced degrees, which is just one sign of the university’s history of success and broader influence. Partnering with Talladega College will demonstrate EON-XR’s impact on liberal arts institutions,” says EON Reality founder Dan Lejerskar. “When a university with its strengths in the fine arts and sciences — including its excellent computer sciences department — can draw upon and contribute to the knowledge metaverse, the possibilities for improving our society are endless. I’m excited to see all of the innovative ways Talladega College uses EON Reality’s solutions and serves as an example to other liberal arts institutions and HBCUs looking to join the metaverse.”

With the new additions to the knowledge metaverse and EON-XR, Talladega College professors can offer hands-on training to their students without needing to be present in the classroom at all times. Combining the institution’s world-class lessons and the immersive experiences and content will provide many students and faculty a distinct advantage, particularly if education reverts to remote learning again. Moreover, it will give Talladega College students in the Humanities and Fine Arts the opportunity to explore how they can adapt and integrate their work into the digital sphere.

As EON Reality’s latest partner in its mission to bring the knowledge metaverse worldwide, Talladega College’s relationship with the XR leader will be mutually beneficial. The initial partnership will provide EON-XR solutions for students and faculty to introduce them to the knowledge metaverse. Soon enough, though, experts in every field at Talladega College will become leading industry-specific contributors to the global project — creating and disseminating lessons and experiences in many academic disciplines for other HBCUs and institutions of higher learning worldwide.

About EON Reality
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