Idome’s brighter screen, higher resolution, full interactivity, and new content provides immersive interactive 3D experience.

IRVINE, CA, June 30, 2014 – EON Reality Inc., the world’s leading provider of Virtual Reality software, systems, and applications, has made several key Idome upgrades utilizing EON patent pending technologies. By enhancing the Idome’s visual quality and interactivity, users can Experience More and Live Their Dreams.

EON Reality has added additional projectors to the Idome to increase the resolution up to “4K”. Automatic projector calibration and improved projector configuration makes sure that the protectors are properly aligned to compensate for vibrations and temperature changes. EON Reality has also made screen adjustments to increase the image brightness and eliminate screen seams. The Idome, with these additions, delivers crystal clear 3D visuals that come to life before your eyes. The next dome installation at EON Reality’s France location will feature six projectors with a 50 foot screen creating an even higher resolution experience with a wider aspect ratio.

Interactivity has taken a step forward in the new Idome. EON Reality has created custom interactive devices that will enable all users to interact simultaneously. These proprietary controllers have five degrees of freedom continuous tracking and let guests shoot, drag, reveal, and explore virtual environments with their friends. EON Reality has added “4D” motion to all seats in the Idome. Each set of seats are mounted on a three axis motion platform and offers various ambient effects including in-seat rumble, leg ticklers and air blasts. Together these components offer an unparalleled interactive experience, and open up many possibilities for future content development.

“We have come a long way in development since the first version of the Idome was released last year” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman at EON Reality. “The upgrades and new technologies we’ve developed for the Idome have really enhanced the product. Now the Idome truly creates an entertaining immersive experience for its guests.”

EON Reality has also been hard at work creating content for the Idome. In parallel, we have approached the leading content providers for edutainment and licensed exciting titles with a successful track record.

Key additions to the Idome are:

  • Brighter screen with a higher contrast
  • Additional projectors mounted in the rear of the Idome
  • Auto projector calibration to compensate for vibration and temperature
  • Custom interactive devices allowing for full user interaction for all guests
  • Full suite of motion seats with ambient and force feedback effects for all users
  • Improved screen brightness and eliminated all visible seams
  • New licensed education and edutainment content

Come experience the Idome on August 15th in Irvine, California. For more information and to register please visit:

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