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Come experience the improved EonVision Idome at EON Reality’s Global Headquarters in Irvine, CA.

The EonVision Idome is a twenty four person immersive dome designed to transport guests inside the human body, to the bottom of the ocean, to the African savanna, among the stars, or any number of possible destinations or scenarios.

The Idome takes the next step in Virtual Reality Edutainment by combining compelling Hollywood Cinematography with engaging interactive experiences for every guest. We’re bringing you big budget theme park immersive experiences at a fraction of the cost.

For a viewing of our pilot Idome sign up now!



9:30 – Registration

10:00 – Welcome / Introduction VR/AR in Edutainment and VR/AR Knowledge Transfer

10:45 – Showroom and Idome tour

12:30 – Lunch

14:00 – Idome ROI and Business Plan

15.00 – Q&A

15.30 – Private Meetings / Breakout Sessions

18.00 – Dinner

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