Hub to be a key part of Laval’s International Center focused on “edutainment” content development.

IRVINE, CA, December 10, 2013 – EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, today announces the establishment of a French based subsidiary, EON Reality SARL, and the founding of an Edutainment Hub in Laval, France. One of the key activities of the new company will be the production of Virtual Reality content for the edutainment sector including theme parks, science centers and museums. The French company will also operate the first commercial EonVision Idome, a revolutionary immersive display specifically designed to create interactive collaborative edutainment experiences.

The press conference announcing the creation of the EON subsidiary and Edutainment Hub.

“The development of Virtual Reality is experiencing a very strong acceleration. Already popular for industrial applications, Virtual Reality is now used more and more by the general public through educational and edutainment applications,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. “We want to build on the existing VR ecosystem in Laval and Pays de la Loire region to develop new solutions, and actively contribute to the ambitious and exciting project of the Cité de la Réalité Virtuelle (City of Virtual Reality).”

The EON Hub in Laval benefits from the city’s distinguished fifteen-year history as a center for Virtual Reality education and development. EON Reality SARL will be a major contributor to the Cité de la Réalité Virtuelle (City of Virtual Reality), a major project led by Laval Agglo and the Region Pays de la Loire. Laval also plays host to Laval Virtual, a major virtual reality trade show, which takes place from April 9-11th.

The mayor’s house in Laval, France.

“EON Reality is a serious and ambitious Virtual Reality actor,” said Jean-Christophe Boyer, President of Laval Agglomeration. “It is a trusted brand that reinforces our position as the European leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality and reflecting the strengths of our model that combines laboratory research, higher education and business. It is also a positive sign for our economic area with the creation of highly skilled jobs.”

EON Reality SARL will be a significant contributor to the local VR economy and will foster local employment opportunities and collaboration with local organizations (including education institutions).

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