Two of EON Reality’s top VR Innovation Academy graduates from Eastern Iowa Community College presented and demonstrated their latest project at the National Science Foundation’s most recent Advanced Technological Education event in Washington, D.C.

Adam Burke and Levin Leesemann were given the opportunity to show off their Water INTENsE AR app — a multi-year project funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation — to the hundreds of administrators and teachers in attendance during a poster session, a workshop, and in smaller groups at the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center booth.

Although there was a total of 60 students at the event showing off their own technology, Burke only saw a handful of people focusing on VR and AR development. For him and Leesemann, it was a chance to debut their first AR product (a water management education app) after initially working on a full VR experience for PetroSkills.

“It was a big jump for our team to go from the Vive headset to a small screen,” Burke said. “We had some adjustments in our thinking about the experience design but used some of the training mindset we’d learned in VR… People grasped the usefulness of AR for teaching immediately.”

For more information about the VR Innovation Academy at Eastern Iowa Community College, be sure to check the EON Reality EICC page.