Revolutionize Skill Mastery: AI-Driven, Immersive Multilingual Learning Experiences at Your Fingertips

IRVINE, CA – May 21, 2024 – EON Reality, a world leader in the augmented and virtual reality knowledge transfer, has announced the launch of transformative features under the EON AI Ready banner. These advancements represent a revolution in skill-based learning, providing intuitive, multilingual lesson creation enhanced by artificial intelligence.


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« We are thrilled to continue pushing the envelope of innovation with the introduction of the EON AI Ready features, » said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. « These powerful tools reflect our commitment to not only enhancing how knowledge is transferred but also to making that process as intuitive and inclusive as possible. We’re particularly proud of the multilingual support, which embodies our philosophy that language should not be a barrier to learning.”

EON AI Ready encompasses two distinct capabilities: the express function and the comprehensive mode. 

The express function of EON AI Ready is a one-button mode that allows users to create immersive learning experiences with a single text prompt. By simply explaining what the lesson or Xperience should be about, this tool automatically generates comprehensive lessons that can include interactive 3D models, visually captivating hero images, instructional videos, and avatar guides. Its language detection capability enables immediate lesson creation in the user’s native tongue, fostering a truly global learning environment.

Complementing the express function, the comprehensive mode of EON AI Ready unlocks even greater efficiency and depth in lesson generation, particularly from PDF imports. Through AI’s contextual understanding, both hard and soft skills can be addressed within lifelike 360° environments, suitable for in-depth learning sessions. Batch creation and enhanced content quality ensure an effective and scalable knowledge transfer solution.

The platform’s current update also bolsters user interaction with avatar voice commands and offers significant enhancements for conducting short-form courses and seminars. With these advanced features, EON Reality further solidifies its commitment to aid learners and professionals in acquiring new skills through cutting-edge technology, redefining the parameters of immersive education and vocational training.

About EON Reality

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