Partnership to create new Augmented and Virtual Reality Knowledge Transfer ecosystem in Mauritius and Africa

IRVINE, CA, September 04, 2015 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A., a leading French multinational telecommunications corporation, and Mauritius Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in Mauritius, and State Informatics Limited (SIL) have partnered to form EON Reality Mauritius, a new company focused on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality knowledge transfer in Mauritius and the continent of Africa.

Orange S.A., through its majority owned subsidiary Mauritius Telecom, invested in EON Reality Mauritius to support the roll out of a Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Mobile platform throughout Africa. They will focus on EON Reality’s Mobile Applications for knowledge transfer and engaging edutainment experiences within the VR social media segment including sports, concerts, travel experiences and events.

« In line with Government’s Vision 2030, we wish to both lay the foundation for high growth in the ICT sector and promote a leap forward in the innovation capacity of Mauritius, » said Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Telecom.

Virtual Reality Mauritius Telecom Samsung Gear VR Sherry Singh Prakash Padaruth
(L to R) Audience listening to Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Telecom; Mr Singh showing the Samsung’s Gear VR to an audience member; Prakash Padaruth, EON Reality’s African Region CEO, speaking on Virtual Reality

Mauritius Telecom and Orange have a long-standing strategy of seeing the phone as more than a commodity and offering unique new innovative applications and services. As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality becomes the next big computing platform with an expected market size of $150 Billion by 2020, Mauritius Telecom and Orange investment in EON Reality Mauritius aims at to extending their leadership in this area by offering their customers engaging AR and VR edutainment applications based on EON Reality’s platform. Orange has currently over 230 million customers worldwide of which 47 million mobile customers are in Africa.

In addition, EON Reality Mauritius will also serve as a springboard for an Africa-wide AR and VR knowledge transfer solution rollout. Technical Vocational Training applications distributed by EON Reality Mauritius will fast-track employable students throughout Africa.

« This is a significant step in realizing the potential of EON Reality’s VR/AR knowledge transfer solution in Africa, » said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. »Mauritius is the only international financial center with membership in all the major African regional organizations and is the location of choice for multinational corporations in Africa. Mauritius, the gateway to Africa, with its highly educated workforce and its growing middle class population segment is the ideal place for EON Reality to reach the entire continent of Africa. »

Virtual Reality Mauritius Telecom SIL University of Mauritius EON Reality
EON Reality Mauritius Partners: SIL, Mauritius Telecom, University of Mauritius, and EON Reality.

With Africa being a mobile first continent, Orange and Mauritius Telecom will aid distribution of EON Reality’s Augmented and Virtual Reality knowledge transfer applications to those that need it in Mauritius and the whole of Africa. While mobile phones have surpassed computers as a means to access the internet globally, in Africa it is often the only way people have access to the internet. Together with their regional partners, Orange and Mauritius Telecom will bring learning by doing to millions across Africa.

EON Reality Mauritius offers several strategic benefits to the nation of Mauritius such as strengthening its academic institutions, positioning Mauritius as the African leader in Virtual Reality, and providing its citizens and corporations a competitive advantage in the global knowledge race. Through these benefits, Mauritius will be able to accelerate knowledge transfer and fast-track employable students in areas of high global demand as well as improving the earning power of its populace. Also, EON Reality Mauritius and EON Reality’s customers are expected to create hundreds of new direct jobs and several thousands of indirect jobs within the next five years due to its work throughout Africa.

About Orange

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 41 billion euros in 2013 and 159,000 employees worldwide at 30 September 2014, including 99,800 employees in France. Present in 30 countries, the Group has a total customer base of 240 million customers worldwide at 30 September 2014, including 182 million mobile customers and 16 million fixed broadband customers. Orange is also a leading provider of global IT and telecommunication services to multinational companies, under the brand Orange Business Services.

Orange is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris (symbol ORA) and on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol ORAN).

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About Mauritius Telecom

Mauritius Telecom (MT) is the leading telecommunications operator and service provider in Mauritius. MT’s strategy for growth is centered on innovation and enhanced customer experience as part of its Enabling ICT Evolution strategy. MT provides a full spectrum of voice and data services using fixed-line, mobile and internet platforms. MT’s real-time technology services and solutions, coupled with its experience and know-how, provide businesses with a one-stop solution for IP-based services, virtual private networks and high-speed internet access and application services. MT also invests in Fibre to the Home (FTTH), Fibre to the Business (FTTB), Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), ADSL and SHDSL technologies and is also offering TelePresence and Cloud Computing solutions.

About State Informatics Ltd

State Informatics Ltd (SIL) is a leading group in the provision of integrated IT solutions (including ERP, CRM, business intelligence and PMS solutions) in Mauritius, southeastern Africa and western Africa.

SIL is located in Mauritius, with other subsidiaries SILNAM and SILBOTS based in Namibia and Botswana. SIL also has an operational partnership with an IT solutions provider in Ghana to service that market and the West African region. SIL is well set on developing its business, expertise and geographic footprint. The expansion of the SIL group of companies in Mauritius and in the African continent demonstrates its capability to deliver the right solutions, whatever the needs and identity of the client organisation. SIL has implemented critical systems for public and private organisations and has growing ambitions as a regional player and as a partner of choice for private and public organisations in the African region and beyond. For further information, visit

About EON Reality
EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment. EON Reality’s success is tied to its belief that knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible, and affordable for every human on the planet. To carry this out, EON Reality, since 1999, has developed the de-facto standard for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer software that supports devices from mobile phones to large immersive domes. EON Reality’s global app development network, with twenty-two locations worldwide, has created the world’s leading AR/VR library for knowledge transfer with over 7,000 applications. Over 36 million people worldwide have downloaded these applications. For further information, visit