The Center will support EON Reality’s expansion of the EON EON-XR Platform and EON Human 2.0 Initiative throughout Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

IRVINE, CA, July 18, 2017 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education, and the Walloon Region announce the establishment of an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) located in Liège, Belgium. This is the first IDC and will lay the groundwork for a regional deployment of the EON Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Platform in Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

This new IDC will create content and applications tailored to the regional market and localize existing EON Reality content. As the Walloon Region’s economy evolves, Augmented and Virtual Reality will accelerate the training of workers through contextual knowledge applications and experiential training. As part of the EON Human 2.0 Initiative, the technology and applications developed by this IDC will help Belgian, Dutch, German and Austrian workers and students combat the growing job displacement and joblessness created by technology disruption.

Jean-Claude Marcourt, Vice-President of the Government, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Digital Economy, welcomed EON Reality’s decision to invest and set up an IDC in Wallonia. “On the Val Benoit site, EON Reality is establishing an interactive digital center in Liège, with an international scope, which will play a leading role in the development of economic activity that encourages the use of new technologies. It is also on this site of Val Benoit that the University of Liège decided to develop its virtual simulation center. Significant synergies can be established between the two projects. In so doing, we are creating an environment conducive to the emergence of start-ups and spin-offs in a field with very high growth potential.”

Minister Marcourt also added: “EON Reality considerably strengthens the digital ecosystem of Wallonia and is joining major carriers already present such as Microsoft, Google, and EVS to name but a few. This decision strengthens Walloon’s digital development strategy, Digital Wallonia, which aims precisely to put Wallonia on the map of the world of digital regions that matter.”

The IDC, which will open in the end of 2017, will contain an EON-XR Showroom containing cutting edge AR and VR technology, an EON Entrepreneur School, and an EON-XR Development Lab. The EON Entrepreneur School will train local students to become AR and VR professionals through a 10 month course consisting of three months of study and seven months of project based learning. These students will learn the underpinning of AR and VR, 3D content creation, coding, and project management. EON Reality will employ the best students while others will find work in the multimedia or digital fields. The IDC will strengthen the Liège Region’s digital ecosystem with a target of 200 direct and indirect jobs created within five years of the Center’s launch.

“Expansion into Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria has been an important priority for EON Reality,” said Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality. “This region represents trillions of dollars in GDP and can make immediate use of the educational and training benefits provided by EON Reality’s EON-XR Platform. The EON Human 2.0 Initiative will also be an important component of the Wallonia IDC to keep the region competitive economically as technology continues to disrupt the job market and overall economy.”

The IDC in Liège, Belgium will open in the end of 2017.

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