Users will learn how to pick mushrooms without poisoning themselves and at the same time « Have Fung »

IRVINE, CA, May 27, 2015 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, has released Have Fung, a new Augmented Reality application, to educate about the edibility of mushrooms found in France. Approximately thirty deaths per year are caused by eating poisonous mushrooms in France. French Pharmacists are responsible to identify and inspect fungi so they can be declared dangerous or edible.


« Pharmacies in France have the monopoly over distribution of any medication and potentially poisonous substances, » said Yann Froger, Managing Director of EON Reality Laval. « As part of their state mandated responsibilities, they are trained and required to provide a service for the identification of mushrooms that you bring to them for scrutiny. Have Fung will assist them in their aim to educate the public. »

EON Reality created Have Fung, an interactive Augmented Reality app that educates pharmacists and the public about the safety of various mushrooms. Users can investigate the characteristics and edibility of twenty-four different mushrooms; fifteen edible and nine poisonous. Audio descriptions act like as a tour guide, pointing out the characteristics of each mushroom.

After learning about each mushroom and understanding their characteristics, users are quizzed and must quickly identify mushrooms, putting the edible ones into a basket and leaving the poisonous ones to rot. At the end of the quiz, a summary shows the final score and categorizes the user as an « informed picker », « mushroom expert », or « mushroom addict ».

Sebastien Goisbeault, a student from ESIEA, an engineering school specializing in Technology and Electronics in Laval, France, was the main creator of the « Have Fung » application.

« During my last years of studying I have specialized in health and Virtual Reality and ‘Have Fung’ combines my two focus areas, » said Mr. Goisbeault. « My six months end-of-study internship at EON Reality gave me a whole new understanding of what Augmented Reality will mean in our daily lives in the future. »

Watch the video of Have Fung in action here.


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