Celebration coincides with EON Experience Workshop held at EON Reality’s Irvine, California Headquarters on June 5-6, 2014.

IRVINE, CA, May 29, 2014 – EON Reality, the world’s leading provider of Virtual Reality software, systems and applications, is celebrating its 15 year anniversary at the upcoming EON Experience Workshop on June 5th and 6th. EON Reality is extremely excited to celebrate this milestone with their community and EON’s role in driving Virtual Reality innovation.


During its first 15 years, EON established itself as a Virtual Reality market leader by creating the world’s largest Virtual Reality library, the world’s largest Virtual Reality development network, and by building industry leading knowledge transfer software.

EON has steadily grown from three regional offices to a blossoming network of eleven global locations that together with ten Interactive Digital Center Hubs and 33 Virtual Reality Showrooms form the world’s largest VR development network. Besides this, EON has executed 1,600 global installations and secured over 36 million downloads of EON Viewer.

“For most businesses making it to their 15th Anniversary is a success,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. “While this is an important milestone in EON’s growth, it’s just a stop on our path forward. We will continue to improve the knowledge transfer power of our VR/AR software, grow our VR Library and expand our development network. EON wants to bring the life changing knowledge transfer power to those that need it the most, targeting five million subscribing users within three years.”

Please come and celebrate this moment with EON Reality at the EON Experience Workshop in Irvine CA from June 5th to the 6th. For more information about the event, agenda, speakers, and registration, please visit: https://eonreality.com/events/eon-experience-workshop-irvine-ca-usa/.










About EON Reality
EON Reality is the world’s leading provider of Virtual Reality software, systems and applications. EON Reality provides state-of-the-art 3D display technology for immersive and stereoscopic viewing, from portable tablet PCs and glass free stereo display systems to curved-screen and immersive rooms consisting of multi-channel projection walls. The technology foundation for developing interactive digital content includes importing the most common 3D animation formats into EON’s authoring software and creating modules and applications that can be viewed on various display systems. EON’s technology solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate, collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer. For further information, visit www.eonreality.com.