IRVINE, CAMay 1, 2024 – EON Reality, a world leader in AI-assisted Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality-based knowledge transfer is revolutionizing education through its cutting-edge Learn For Life AI Academy. This groundbreaking program bridges the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application, equipping interns with the tools to shape the future of education at the intersection of Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Learn For Life AI Academy goes beyond traditional textbook learning, offering hands-on experience in developing innovative XR and AI solutions for knowledge transfer. Interns work alongside industry experts, collaborating on real-world projects and gaining invaluable practical skills in fields such as marketing, sales, and business development.


Hear what interns have to say about their transformative experiences:

« It was a terrific experience from Day 1, leading to great interactions and crucial lessons. The wisdom shared by the top executives will stick for a long time. » – Ahsan Bilal , Intern

« Perfectly balanced between hectic work and relaxed meetings. The executive board has a high level of connection with interns and employees, creating an ideal environment for growth. » – Saad Humayun, Intern

« The opportunity to work on international AR/VR projects and collaborate with industry experts was truly invaluable. It expanded my knowledge beyond technical skills, offering exposure to sales and business growth strategies. » – Ahmed Elabed, Intern

« You don’t typically find collaboration across departments for large tasks taught in lectures, as they’re focused on your niche only. This internship provided that unique experience. » – Saad Humayun, Intern


Through the Learn For Life AI Academy, EON Reality is nurturing the next generation of innovators, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to drive transformative change in education and beyond. By combining cutting-edge XR and AI technologies with hands-on learning experiences, this program is empowering interns to become leaders in shaping the future of knowledge transfer.

The doors of EON Learn For Life Academy remain wide open for driven interns and entrepreneurial-minded individuals seeking to immerse themselves in this transformative XR and AI educational experience.

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