It’s that time of year again when thrill seekers and Halloween enthusiasts look for new and exciting ways to experience fear at its finest.  This year, terror has been taken to a whole new level at Fear Overload: Premiere Haunted House in San Leandro, CA.

Honored with the title of being the scariest haunted house in California, Fear Overload has two new attractions this year that utilize 3D technology to allow fear to « literally jumps off the walls causing joyous pandemonium for all who dare to enter. »

Halloween may be over after today, but the attractions at Fear Overload will be open until November 1st, from 7:00pm until late in the evening.  If you want to end your Halloween festivities with a bang (and you live in or near the San Francisco Bay area), check out what Fear Overload has to offer (not recommended for small children or the faint of heart!)

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