If you’re lucky enough to use EON Reality’s AR and VR solutions on a Magic Leap device, we’ve got a brand new Quick Start Guide just for you.

As one of the leaders in spatial computing wearables, Magic Leap seamlessly integrates EON Reality’s software for both academic and industrial uses. Much like the previous Desktop Quick Start Guide and Mobile Quick Start Guide, this brief video will show users how easy it is to use and create brand new content and lessons when working with a Magic Leap device.

This detailed step-by-step walkthrough will help new users to both EON Reality’s solutions as well as Magic Leap devices, but it can also be a valuable refresher course for anyone looking to see one of the more unique platforms available for our flagship product.

To get started on your XR journey, you’ll need a Magic Leap device as well as a smartphone for authentication. From there, you can find the latest release from EON Reality through Magic Leap’s storefront or head straight to the Magic Leap Quick Start Guide for easy-to-follow instructions.